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December Challenge 
 Sunday, 09 December 2007 @ 13.36 |  
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How it works:

  • Pick one or two characters and a prompt  from the table below
  • Choose someone from your friends list or member of TQP
  • Write the drabble and email it to secretelf@thequidditchpitch.org
  • All drabbles will be posted under the name secret elf until the reveal on December 30th.

Drabble Rules:
  • Maximum length is 1000 words.
  • Minimum length is 100 words.
  • Maximum rating is RT.
  • You must use a prompt and character from the table.
  • Email completed drabbles to secretelf@thequidditchpitch.org.
  • Drabbles must be received via email by December 29th.
  • All drabbles must be betaed prior to submission.
  • Can be set in any time period.
When emailing your drabble, please include:
  • Your TQP penname.
  • Your recipient's TQP name or Live Journal name.
  • Title
  • Pairing or Character
  • Prompt
  • Rating
Holiday Prompt Table
CharacterHoliday Item
Harry Potterchristmas socks
Ron Weasleycandy canes
Hermione GrangerChristmas Tree
Lucius MalfoyMistletoe
Draco MalfoyFather Christmas
Sirius BlackSanta's Elves
Remus LupinFrumenty
Nymphadora TonksHot cocoa
James PotterBrandy pudding
Lily PotterChristmas wrapping
Severus SnapeChristmas Stockings
Bellatrix LestrangeNew Years Eve
Luna LovegoodNew Years Eve Kiss
Neville LongbottomChristmas Hat
George WeasleyChristmas Carols
Fred WeasleyBoxing Day
Ginny WeasleyChristmas Crackers
Molly Weasleytinsel
Arthur Weasleybaubbles
Charlie Weasleyfairy lights
Bill WeasleyFireworks
Fleur WeasleyMulled Wine


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