Owl Post (tqpcaptains) wrote in captains_pitch,
Owl Post

New Staff Members!

We'd like to welcome almond_joyz to the staff as our new beta and forum captain.   All of you should take a moment to say hi to her and welcome her to her new position.  She's spent almost 2 years working as a beta and we feel she's a wonderful addition to the Captains.

We'd like to welcome thesteppyone to our staff as a Quidditch Coordinator.  She's an avid writer and reader and she's also a graphic designer so we're really excited to have her working with us!

We'd like to welcome star98hope as our Assistant Gallery, Poll, and set up Captain.  Star has been involved with the Quidditch Pitch as a member and is anxious to help out as she's not a writer.   She's going to be simons_flower's assistant!

We'd like to welcome letmypidgeonsgo, Jocelynsmama, and abovethestars to the Quidditch Pitch in one of our new positions.  They will be niffling for stories, art, and essays.  We're excited to have them joining us on our quest to bring you the best stories out there!

Welcome to all of our new staff members!

You can still apply for open positions here!
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