Owl Post (tqpcaptains) wrote in captains_pitch,
Owl Post

Our Final Podcast with simons_flower

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On May 3, 2008, the Captains: almond_joyz, madam_minnie,tqpannie, and simons_flower gathered for what turned out to be simons_flower’s last podcast—The Fanboy Chat Part Deux.

The episode (number 12 in case you were wondering) never aired. Thanks to our fabulous sound editor wolfiekins, the fanboy chat with leviathan0999, thanfiction, and daddybear716 has found a voice.

Simons Flower was our moderator for this podcast.

We dedicate this recording in loving memory of Captain simons_flower and hope you enjoy her laugh one more time.

Disclaimer: No fanboys were harmed in the recording of this podcast. It may lower your intelligence (as it did for us). Neither the Captains nor the participants of this podcast will be held responsible if you spit coffee on your monitor while listening.
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