January 22nd, 2007

Got Genres?

February Challenge-Gilderoy Lockhart's Valentine's Extravaganza!

Valentine's Day - a day of love. We at the Quidditch Pitch want to celebrate just that. Even the minor characters in the Wizarding World need love and this month we'd like our members to give it to them. (Stop snickering, Minnie.)

With that, we proudly announce Gilderoy Lockhart's Valentine Extravaganza!

The Rules:
1. No wand flourishing. Leave that to Gilderoy.
2. Only Rarepairs are accepted.  For Example - Harry/Ginny/Hermione/Ron are not to be paired with each other in any configuration. You can write Ron/McGonagall but not Ron/Hermione, for example.  See the Common Pairing List below.
3. Must include Valentine's Day.
4. Stories must be at least 300 words. There is no maximum.
5. Stories will not be subject to our beta queue but do require a minimum of spellcheck be done on them. The Staff reserves the right to reject any story that doesn't meet our Submission Guideline.
6. Deadline for stories would be February 24th.

Common Pairs that may not be used.
Slash:                    Het:
Harry/Draco         Snape/Hermione
Remus/Sirius      Harry/Hermione
Snape/Harry         Ron/Hermione
Harry/Ron             Draco/Hermione
Snape/Draco       Harry/Ginny
Snape/Lupin        Draco/Ginny