April 1st, 2007


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Digest for 25 March 2007 through 31 March 2007


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We're interested in knowing what you, our members, think about our site and all our satellites.  Please take a few minutes and complete the surveys (linked via banner below).  The first one is by far the longest, so please be patient.







Podcast Call-In
Our call-in feature with Solstice last month was so successful that we're doing it again!  We bribed asked RedBlaze and she's agreed.

When:  8:30 pm EDT on April 7th.
Where:  Skype.  If we can't get enough people on Skype we'll switch to Gizmo Chat.
Who:  RedBlaze
How:  Respond to this post and let us know that you want to take part!!


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Monthly Challenges and Polls
+ The poll for the March monthly challenge will be announced April 1.
+ The April monthly challenge will be announced April 1.


The Captains would like to wish our favorite redheaded twins a happy birthday as well!  Happy Foolish Birthday, Fred and George!


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Featured Stories for April 2007

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The Broomshed: Erotic Couplings Minding the Shop by Lady Tory [banner]

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The Broomshed: More Than Two Summer School by magicofisis [banner]

The Broomshed: Self Pleasure Precious by TheGiantSquid [banner]

The Broomshed: The Changing Room Let There Be Smut by kjcp [banner]

The Broomshed: The Dark Side Blood for a Parched Tongue by Amanuensis [banner]

The Broomshed: The Dungeon Double Dare by Cluegirl [banner]

The Broomshed: The Ladies Room Without Opening An Eye by Dream_wia_Dream [banner]
Got Genres?

April 2007 Challenge-The Dead Just Want to Have Fun


They Solemnly swear they are up to no good Challenge

April Fool's Day is a day traditionally dedicated to Fred and George Weasley. However, The Captains have decided that the ghosts of wizarding world want their shot. Therefore, we proudly announce our:

The Dead Just Want to Have Fun

Hogwarts and many wizarding homes are inhabited by ghost and ghouls. They want to have a bit of fun this April Fools Day. They are bored, they have time on their hands, and they want to influence the lives of the living.

The Rules:

1. No word limit
2. The stories will not be subject to beta
3. All stories must have the ghost or ghouls influencing behavior, lives, and/or events.
4. All stories are due by April 29, 2007 at 11:59 pm EST.
5. No rating limit.
6. Polls will go up on May 1, 2007.

You can use Ghosts in the Harry Potter Universe at the Lexicon for background.
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