April 19th, 2007


Important Announcement

To the Authors and Members of the Quidditch Pitch:

We would like to announce the temporary closing of the submission queue to unvalidated authors. We have a backlog of stories in our beta queue and with Phoenix Rising upcoming we need to get caught up. The Captains will be in New Orleans drinking representing the Quidditch Pitch.

From Midnight on Friday April 20th through May 28th, the queue will be closed. You can still submit your stories, they will simply be held unprocessed until after May 28th.

You can still participate in the challenge. All challenge fics should be emailed directly to annie@thequidditchpitch.org. Remember all challenge stories are subject to ToS but will not go through the beta process.

Any drabbles will still be posted as they do not require beta work.

Thank you for your patience in allowing us to get caught up!

The Captains