May 26th, 2007


A Huge Thank You

We wanted to publicly thank the following people for letting us showcase their work at Phoenix Rising:


thistlerose, ladytory, shocfix, redblaze, icarusancalion, alloy_, kerryblaze, belovedranger, abigail89, keelywolfe, mad_maudlin, thysanotus, simons_flower, Annie, and Ank the Tank.

All of the above authors allowed us to print and showcase their work on a table at Phoenix Rising.

The following artist donated their time and artwork for cover art!

mudblood428, glockgal, leelastarsky, pennswoods, faire_weather and mutsumi11

You can view all the wonderful cover art here at Quidditch Trading Cards!

Thank you from the very bottom of The Captain's hearts. Your support and hard work for the site is appreciated more than you can even imagine.

So thank you from each of the Captains!