July 14th, 2007


Helping fellow Harry Potter Fans!

Blind bookworms who prefer Braille have historically suffered such a sorry fate. Only a tiny percentage of books available in print are ever made into Braille and usually the publication takes place long after the ink-and-paper edition sees the light of day. Aside from the wait, these books are really expensive: each copy of HP7 in Braille costs $65 to make.

But the HP fans who read Braille are extremely lucky because Jo and Scholastic Press have done their part so that the National Braille Press’s edition of HP7 will magically be ready on the same day as the print edition. No less magical is the non-profit publisher, NBP’s commitment to match the typical pre-sale and retail prices.

NBP cannot do this alone and need help making HP7 this accessible. A team of young blind HP fans by the name of “Team Harry Potter and the Walking Wizards” have raised more than $9k so far, which goes a long way towards the grand total of $53k+ needed. HPforGrownups, FictionAlley and The Quidditch Pitch are starting off by aiming to raise what surely is a powerfully magical number: 7,777.

To quote NBP's Tanya Holton "This isn't about charity, it's about parity." Imagine if you had to wait for weeks to find out if Snape is Dumbledore’s Man, Voldemort’s Faithful Servant, or on no one's side but his own?! Imagine trying to avoid the spoilers because your friends had access and you didn’t?

Can you spare a few knuts (nay, a few galleons!) to help make the conclusion to Harry’s saga more accessible to fellow fans? if you can, click here!

Donating through this website is simple, fast and secure but if you prefer, you can snail mail your checks payable to National Braille Press, attn: HP7, 88 Saint Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115, USA. If you can, drop us a note here to let The Quidditch Pitch know the check is en route.

Because the NBP is a US 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Donations by US and Canadian taxpayers may be tax deductible in the US to the full extent of the law; please be sure to look for their letter acknowledging your donation and keep it for the IRS.

  2. Many companies run matching grant programs when their employees donate to nonprofits; please consult your HR dept. to find out how you can pseudo-alchemically turn your sickles into galleons for NBP.

Site Survey

Due to the explosion in membership since we last posted our survey, we're putting it up again.

From today until the site reopens on 12 August 2007, we'd like to get as many members giving us feedback as possible.

Thank you to everyone participating this time around and to everyone who participated the first time (we haven't forgotten you).