July 15th, 2007


Digest: 15 Jul 2007

Digest for 08 July 2007 through 14 July 2007


Site Closure
The Captains would like to announce that The Quidditch Pitch will be closing for submissions beginning 12 July 2007 at 6:00 p.m. EDT and will reopen 12 August 2007 at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

This will allow the staff and Captains time to see Order of the Phoenix, anticipate the new book, and to read and absorb Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- not to mention making any necessary canon-based changes to our site.

We look forward to rejoining you on August 12th for your stories and thoughts on the new book.

If you have questions please email The Captains.

Please note that we've extended our planned closure to include time to upgrade our site.  We hope to make it bigger, better, faster, stronger ... oops, sorry, got carried away.  After 20 months and nearly 8300 members, we need to expand.


Helping Fellow Harry Potter Fans
Blind bookworms who prefer Braille have historically suffered such a sorry fate. Only a tiny percentage of books available in print are ever made into Braille and usually the publication takes place long after the ink-and-paper edition sees the light of day. Aside from the wait, these books are really expensive: each copy of HP7 in Braille costs $65 to make.

Please visit this entry for more information on how you can help!


Site Survey
Due to the explosion in membership since we last posted our survey, we're putting it up again.

From today until the site reopens on 12 August 2007, we'd like to get as many members giving us feedback as possible.

Thank you to everyone participating this time around and to everyone who participated the first time (we haven't forgotten you).


Monthly Challenge
Congratulations to alloy for winning our May/June 2007 Challenge:  The One With All The Endings!


Quaffle Talk
Quaffle Talk, Episode 7:  The One With All The Slash is now available!

Download:  The Quibbler | LibSyn | Podcast Alley | iTunes subscription | Podcast homepage (23.6 MB, 1:32:25)
Details at Quaffle Talk.


This is the last digest before we reopen in mid-August.

There will be no challenge for July or August.  Challenges will resume in September.

There will be strict enforcement of spoilers both on the site and this journal.

Shortly after the book is released we'll be announcing a members chat to discuss the book in detail and also a super sekrit forum area to discuss the book.


New fics:
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Hot topics:
= Dirty Word Association Game Forum Broomshed access required
= Virginal Smut Writers Academy Forum Broomshed access required
= Birthday Thread
= Your Darkest Secret
= MOVIE: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

New authors/registration:
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Hi there! The Captains are looking for people to record themselves making predictions for Deathly Hallows. What you would need to do is record yourself making some predictions for the book, and convert to an mp3 file, and send to Quaffle Talk.

The easiest way to do this is to upload to MegaUpload and email the link.

You can also use You Send It

You should introduce yourself by penname, member name, or LJ name.

If you need suggestions for what to answer here is a list of questions we used on our daughters!

1) Will Harry live or die?
2) Snape, good or evil? Why?
3) Will Ron live or die?
4) Will Hermione live or die?
5) Will Voldemort win?
6) Will Voldemort ever get his nose back?
7) Will Hogwarts reopen?
8) Will any of the Weasleys die?
9) Will they live happily ever after?
10) Will Draco become a "good guy"?