October 31st, 2007


Happy Anniversary to us!

It was a dark and stormy night Exactly two years ago today The Quidditch Pitch opened for business. It's been a great two years for us and so much has changed in fandom since we opened.

We've had the final book come out, we've had Dan starring in Equus, and we've had Rupert buying an ice cream truck.

The Captains and the staff of the Quidditch Pitch would like to take a moment to thank all our members, authors, and friends for standing behind our project. We love the participation for everyone that's been involved on the site. We appreciate each time someone mentions that we are a great place to archive their work.

Personally, for me it's been a complete thrill to watch my idea flourish and grow. When the concept of the site came to me I never expected to be doing podcasts, participating in Phoenix Rising, and quite honestly I never envisioned the sheer size of the site.

We hope to continue to provide quality fan-fiction for many years to come.

The Captains would like to thank our staff of Quidditch Assistants and Quidditch Coordinator's who on a daily basis make all of our lives a bit easier, we'd like to thank our head cheerleader for always having her pompoms at the ready, we'd like to thank Wolfie who takes the time to edit our crazy podcast and mix it so it sounds better, and we'd like to thank Auntee Mame for staying with us and being the best backup captain and for always being the voice of reason and sensibility, and finally we'd like to thank Redblaze for all of her input and advice.

Annie would like to especially thank the following people:

Madam Minnie: Without you we wouldn't have the wonderful podcast we have now. I appreciate all the hard work you do splicing everything together. Thank you for joining in on my crazy idea!

Simons Flower: Thank you for being with me from the beginning and working so hard to upload Inell's stories. You do such a wonderful job with the podcast bumpers, story readings, our polls, and managing our beta applications that I'm constantly in awe.

Dream Wia Dream: You are amazing! Your creativity with the site and the design. No one knows how hard you work in the background just to keep the site going! I'm so happy you joined in our merriment! I truly appreciate everything you've done!

Auntee Mame: Thank you for staying on the way you have when real life is so crazy. I appreciate all your input! Thank you for always being the voice of reason and helping with the podcast. You're wonderful!

To the entire staff of betas: Bless you all! You are all so hardworking, supportive, and are truly the reason the backbone of the site. Without you all we would be nothing!

To the Quidditch Coordinators: You all work so hard to make sure the site has quality stories and have taken a huge load of responsibility off the Captains shoulders! I appreciate each of you so much!

To the authors and members: Thank you for all your support, your patience, and your feedback. You are all truly wonderful and a pleasure to work with.

In the coming year we'll be hosting more challenges, working out something with conventions, having more podcasts, a Zazzle store, and hopefully more stories that will thrill you, excite you, and sometimes make you cry.

Thanks to everyone who made this a wonderful home in fandom.

Captain Annie