December 9th, 2007


December Challenge

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How it works:

  • Pick one or two characters and a prompt  from the table below
  • Choose someone from your friends list or member of TQP
  • Write the drabble and email it to
  • All drabbles will be posted under the name secret elf until the reveal on December 30th.

Drabble Rules:
  • Maximum length is 1000 words.
  • Minimum length is 100 words.
  • Maximum rating is RT.
  • You must use a prompt and character from the table.
  • Email completed drabbles to
  • Drabbles must be received via email by December 29th.
  • All drabbles must be betaed prior to submission.
  • Can be set in any time period.
When emailing your drabble, please include:
  • Your TQP penname.
  • Your recipient's TQP name or Live Journal name.
  • Title
  • Pairing or Character
  • Prompt
  • Rating
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