May 13th, 2017

ouat: Evil Queen

The Qudditch Pitch and Archive of Our Own

The Captains

AO3 and the Open Doors Committee have imported the back up of the Qudditch Pitch. They were able to recover 5122 stories. Please go to the collection for important steps you as the author need to take.

The Collection can be found here: The Qudditch Pitch

The Quidditch Pitch was conceived as an all-pairing, all-pairing Harry Potter fanfiction site. We launched on October 31, 2005 with about 30 authors and 40 members.

We had no idea it would grow to:

We are the home of 487 authors from among our 41680 members. There have been 17650 reviews written about our 5526 stories consisting of 9933 chapters and 30287647 words.

Thank you to all of you who put so much of you time and energy into TQP.

And to simons_flower we still miss you every day.

Also could you all forward this to your blogs. I have Avery small presence on Tumblr,