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Revised Submission Guidelines and ToS

Changes are highlighted in yellow.

1.  Knowing The Playing Field

  1. Subject Matter
    1. The Quidditch Pitch will accept or decline stories containing the following material on a case by case basis:
      1. Bestiality.
      2. Necrophilia.
      3. Crossovers.
  2. Shipping
    1. The Quidditch Pitch has no limitations on shipping.
    2. The Quidditch Pitch has a zero tolerance policy on ship bashing/flaming.  If you are found guilty of this, actions will be taken to ban you from the site.
  3. Non-Fiction Section
    1. Essays
      1. Shipping Essays:  This area will be monitored closely and all flames removed.  If you are found guilty of repetitive flaming you will be banned from the Quidditch Pitch.
      2. Are subject to the same submission guidelines for grammar and spelling as traditional works.
  4. Original Characters
    1. Stories with original characters (OCs) may be declined if the character is determined to be a blatant Mary Sue or Gary Stu.  This includes crossover stories.
    2. Stories declined for the above reason may not be resubmitted.
    3. Please check your original characters (OCs) using the following tools:  Definition of a Mary Sue and Mary Sue/Gary Stu Litmus Test.
  5. Ratings
    1. Ratings guidelines:
      • GP - General Public - Stories suitable for anyone.
      • FG - Family Guidance - Stories suitable with parental consent.
      • FG-13 - Family Guidance-13 - Stories suitable for those 13 years or older.
      • MT - Mature Themes - Stories suitable for those 16 or older.
      • RT - Restricted Themes - Suitable for at least age 17 or the legal age of consent in your country.
    2. The Quidditch Pitch accepts stories that are rated GP-RT.
    3. Any story rated RT must be hosted in The Broomshed.
    4. The Quidditch Captains may change a rating on a story at any time if they deem it necessary.  You will be informed via email when a rating is changed.
  6. Responsibility
    1. All stories are subject to beta service (detailed under Chapter 2: Teamwork).
    2. All Members will read over the Beta Guidelines and the Author Guidelines before submitting stories.

2.  Teamwork

  1. Submissions
    1. Authors may submit a total of four (4) chapters in a 24-hour time period.  (This includes one-shots.)
      1. Any excess will be deleted without notice.
    2. The summary and title must be rated MT or lower - no exceptions.  This includes the stories in The Broomshed.
  2. Publishing
    1. Any author who spams the story queue with multiple uploads of the same story or chapter will be sent a warning.
      1. If you are unsure if your story made it to the queue please email The Captains.
      2. Please allow three (3) business days for a response.
    2. All stories are reviewed by the Quidditch Captains and Quidditch Coordinators.
      1. Please allow at minimum of 72 hours before emailing to check status.
      2. All stories that are rejected will have a letter sent to the author detailing why the story was rejected.
      3. When your story is accepted and posted you will receive an email.
    3. All stories submitted must have clear warnings and ratings.  The Quidditch Captains can add warnings, if applicable.
    4. All stories should be pre-betaed or, at the very least, had spell check run on them.
  3. Beta Service (Quidditch Assistants)
    1. All stories are subject to beta reading by one of our Quidditch Assistants unless you are a Validated Author.
    2. The beta process:
      1. Stories are approved and you are sent an email verifying your story has been sent to our Quidditch Assistants.
      2. The Quidditch Assistant will email you within a week to let you know that s/he has received your story.
      3. The Quidditch Assistant will beta your story for spelling, grammar, and content.
      4. The Quidditch Assistant will send your story back with suggestions and changes.
      5. You can choose to have the Quidditch Assistant upload your story after the changes have been made or you may upload the correct story yourself.  You should notify them when you send the chapter back.
    3. Beta service is free to you and is used to keep the quality of stories at the Quidditch Pitch as high as possible.
      1. Keep in mind our Quidditch Assistants are volunteers and they do have real life commitments that may delay the beta service.  If you feel that there has been an unreasonable delay, please contact The Captains.

3.  Rules Of The Game

  1. Spelling
    1. Any story that misspells a major character's name, house name, or any other important element in the Harry Potter universe more than twice will be rejected.
    2. Any story that has more than ten spelling mistakes per 1000 words will be rejected.

      Stories rejected for spelling errors may be corrected and resubmitted.
  2. Grammar
    1. Any story that has more than 25 grammatical errors per 1000 words will be rejected.
    2. Major errors include, but aren't limited to, the following:
      1. Incorrect use of punctuation;
      2. Incorrect capitalization;
      3. Incorrect use of ellipses;
      4. Incorrect use of quotation marks;
      5. Incorrect verb tenses;
      6. Incorrect use of the passive voice;
      7. Incorrect punctuation of dialogue; and
      8. Netspeak
    3. Author's notes appearing in the middle of the chapter will be automatically rejected.

      Any story rejected for the above-mentioned items may be corrected and resubmitted.
  3. Content
    1. The Quidditch Captains can reject any story they deem unfit for the site.  This is purely subjective and stories rejected for unfit content cannot be resubmitted.
  4. Quality
    1. Errors in quality include, but aren't limited to:
      1. Lack of original plot;
      2. Clumsy sentences;
      3. Poor story flow;
      4. No explanation of the characters being out of character (OOC); and
      5. Original characters with no development or background (a/k/a Mary Sue and Gary Stu.  (See 1.D.3.))

4.  Scoring

  1. Length
    1. Drabbles
      1. All drabbles must be at least 100 words but not more than 500 words.
      2. Drabbles are not subject to review by our Quidditch Assistants.
      3. All drabbles must be posted to the appropriate sub-category (Drabbles) within each main category.
    2. Ficlets
      1. All ficlets must be at least 500 words but not more than 1000 words.
      2. Ficlets may be subject to review by our Quidditch Assistants at the discretion of the Quidditch Coordinators or Quidditch Captains.
      3. All ficlets may be posted either in the Drabble sub-category or in the applicable sub-category within any of the five main categories.
    3. Stories
      1. All stories must be at least 1000 words in length (this includes one-shots but excludes both prologues and epilogues of any chaptered fic).
      2. All stories are subject to review by our Quidditch Assistants unless the author is a Validated Author.
    4. Length excludes:
      1. Author's notes;
      2. Quotes; and
      3. Song lyrics.
  2. Plagiarism
    1. Any author who plagiarizes another author's work will be subject to the following:
      1. First offense:  written warning and the offending piece will be removed and stored for future reference.
      2. Second offense:  banned without warning and the Captains will alert other sites.
    2. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the following:
      1. Copying word-for-word another author's work without the author's permission.
      2. Copying a substantial part of another author's work without the author's permission.
      3. Paraphrasing another author's work without the author's permission.
      4. Passing off another author's work as your own.
    3. The Captains will decide if a work is construed as plagiarism.
    4. All authors at The Quidditch Pitch are subject to this policy.
    5. Policy is subject to change.

      The exception would be quotes from the books or references to the books.

5.  The Referee Is There For A Reason

  1. Change of Policy
    1. These policies and guidelines are subject to change at anytime and are effective immediately.
    2. All authors are subject to these policies.

Last revised June 17, 2007
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